That is, until I met you...


i wanna read fanfiction but i dont wanna look for fanfiction u feel me


being an adult sucks cause when people ask you to hang out you cant be like “my mom said no” you just have to change your name and move away


Tiger Taxi

  • Sophie Oh my god so Maisie and I can not look Iwan in the eye anymore
  • Maisie: Oh my god yeah, should we tell them?
  • Sophie: So Maisie and I we always have these sleepovers in our hotel and um (laughs)
  • Maisie: oh my god
  • Sophie: I don't know, I'd done like goth emo make up on Maisie and Maisie had done like fake tattoos all over-oh and I was a vampire and I had like blood dripping from my mouth and we were gonna go to my mum's floor and scare her, and knock on the door and scare her and the lift just went all the way to the bottom
  • Maisie: because we'd hung around too long, instead of pressing the buttons straight away we waited too long and then it went down to the ground floor
  • Sophie: and Iwan, no it wasn't just Iwan it was like the writer Vanessa Taylor (Maisie and Sophie both laugh)
  • Maisie: it was so embarassing because the door opened and we're in our pajamas as well and Iwan was like "uh hi girls" and we were like "oh my god"
  • Sophie: and they let us go back up they didn't even get in the lift
  • Maisie: and the door just slowly closed and we went back up to the top
  • Sophie: we can never look him in the eye again


(Vanity Fair)


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